20 Things You Must Do at College


College is a time for making memories and trying new things. If you aren’t already at it vigorously, start now. Your 3-4 yeas of higher education will go by quicker than you think.

Here are 20 things every student must do before graduation. Some are easier done than others, but each of these is an experience worth having.

1. Cooking with a group of friends, in the middle of the night.

2. Staying up all night talking to someone and then taking a walk around the campus when the sun rises.

3. A road trip to Amritsar and Wagha Border (Trust me, every Verto has done this once!).

4. Finding an intellectual pursuit one is truly interested in pursuing. It doesn’t have to be your major, and it doesn’t have to be your job when you graduate, but please — don’t waste four years of education without finding something you’d like to continue to learn about in your free time.

5. Spending a Diwali with friends instead of going home. Learn how to cook traditional dishes in your electric kettle.

6. Gaining the ability to do things alone. No one wants to go to the campus event you’re dying to? Great, you can go alone. You’ll make new friends there. The more you do this, the more you’ll be prepared for hundreds of life situations you’ll have down the line that require you to be able to go somewhere alone and be confident.

7. Embracing the complete luxury of being able to roll out of bed and walk to class in whatever you slept in. Don’t make a habit out of it, but revel in it once in awhile — it’s definitely not an opportunity you’ll always have.

8. Writing something you love and sharing it at a reading. Or, another form of this (open mic night, playing your music for people, etc).

9. Taking advantage of your campus. It’s probably beautiful, and you’re paying for it so why not have weekend meals at Campus Cafe or lay out in the grass or read a new book at central library as often as possible?

10. Forming a true friendship with at least one professor.

11. Having a 21st birthday party you’ll never forget.

12. Trying on different versions of “you.” Join a guitar club if you’ve always been interested in it, take a yoga class, learn boxing. Do as many things as possible that you’ve always thought could be part of your life and cross them off the list as they don’t click — or keep pursuing them, rest the DSA will take care of.

13. Spending an entire day in your PJs, alone or with a friend or two, doing absolutely nothing but eating junk food and watching Netflix.

14.  Dyeing your hair a color you’ll never be able to get away with in the real world.

15.  Writing a paper with original thought in it that you’re truly proud of.

16. Learning how to study when there are more fun things to do. Of course you should occasionally blow off your work to do something crazy and fun. But you should also learn how to sit in the quiet, alone, and learn something or write a paper without putting it off until the last minute. You’ll thank yourself when you get a job and need to have this skill.

17.  An off-campus job in your field.

18. Spending a semester abroad under the Student Exchange Program. Actually a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

19. Playing Counter Strike on the LAN, with your hostel buddies.

20. Making a long list of “future predictions” for you and all your friends. Store it somewhere safe and promise to open it and laugh in 10 years time.