This era of technology has given us many benefits to reap from. One of which is online shopping. If you are busy and have no time to go to the market to shop then you don’t have to worry because all you need to do is click few buttons and in few days time your product is delivered at your doorstep. As there are advantages there are cons too and one needs to be alert to not fall for any fraud or scam online. So here are few tips to keep in mind while shopping online so that your information and money are equally safe.

  1.      Make purchases from secure website only

Websites which do not have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which can be checked by seeing whether the website has “http” or “https”. Also, secure websites have a padlock symbol. If all these “security features” are not visible even when you reach the payment stage then you know you have to get out of there before any unfortunate event takes place.

  1.      Read the company’s privacy policy

This one is absolutely necessary. You may find it tiring or boring or even think why to read in the first place then let me tell you, Reading the privacy policy gives you a general idea on how the information you give to the website is stored by that company. Sometimes they might even pass on your information to a third party source and for something like that to not happen reading the policy is must go. Most of the leading websites will have an easy to access and understand page on their privacy policies.

  1.      Don’t buy if it looks too good to be true

Things to keep in mind while shopping online

Sometimes, you find this one dress worn by models on the website which you can’t resist and want to buy. Be extra cautious here as the product may not be as it looks. “Too good to be true” phase does actually make sense. It might not be of your fit or not at all be like the one shown on the website. It would be a major loss for you. So, think extra hard before buying if it’s worth the risk.

  1.      Read reviews

Most of the times, reading the review about the product or a site will be a huge help, as it comes from real-time users. By reading reviews, you can avoid potentially wrong choices. It will also show you which are the best products available in the market as per your taste.

  1.      Always use a recorded delivery system

This is the must-follow-rule. Using a recorded delivery system you can track down your package. No matter when or where the parcel is you can know it by using the ID number. That way you know you are getting the product you paid for.