We all wish to get the best out of our day. We all want to be the most intelligent and smart in our class. But the best day and a smart brain depend on the way you start your day. Here are some tips to follow and get the best out of your day.

Sleep early:

Yes! A good day starts with the good sleep from the last night. There is nothing in the Facebook where you spend your hours scrolling your newsfeed, looking at the same pictures and videos appearing on your wall is not going to help you anywhere. So it’s better to get in your bed early rather spending your night on the Facebook or Instagram.  Also, it’s always better to cut yourself off from the digital screen and read some inspiring books before bed-time.

Wake up early:

To get the most out of the day, you must make the day last long. And waking up early always helps. Try waking up early which could be 2 or 3 hours before your class in the morning and soon you will realize you have so much of time in which you can do anything you want. Avoid using your phone again as soon as you open your eyes to check how many likes you got on the picture you uploaded last night on your social platform. Try to spend some time with nature. Go to the balcony and watch the birds singing and flying. Watch the sun rising and plan your day.


Here comes the most important point which we all know but our comfort zones of the bed never allows us to wake up and do those pushups to burn some calories. Try taking out only 30 minutes daily to exercise and soon you will feel the difference in not only just the way you look but also the way you feel. Try running for 15 minutes and then doing some pushups and crunches to keep your body and mind toned.


Breakfast is the most underrated meal of the day. This meal makes a huge difference in the way you feel and in the overall development of your body. Consuming a healthy breakfast such as an apple juice or a banana would always make you feel good and also it helps in throwing out the laziness from your body which will help you remain active throughout the day.

Plan your day:

It is always better to plan your day than to regret later about the unfinished task which you were supposed to do but you forgot. Make a To Do list and mention the task prioritizing them from the most important to least important one. This will not only help you to complete your task efficiently but also it will help you to manage your time and take out some time for yourself at the end.

Try once the above-mentioned methods and also do tell your friends to follow them. Stop complaining about not getting enough time for yourself. You always have time when you make time.