A Review of Shahid Kapoor’s Men’s Clothing Line – ‘Skult’


Launching a clothing line has become the new “It thing” for celebrities, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Our very own female celebrities are doing really well when it comes to interpreting their creativity in the form exquisite apparel, the prominent one’s being Alia Bhatt’s collaboration with Jabong, “The Label Life” styled by Malaika Arora, or Sussanne Khan and Bipasha Basu catering to the needs of young, independent women of India. 

On the contrary, the lads of India didn’t have much to cling on to until few days ago, though there were brands like HRX by Hrithik Roshan, WROGN by Virat Kohli, maybe it’s just me but they never appealed to me enough to let go of my moolah. But the recently launched “Skult” by Shahid Kapoor, got to me. His collection is what every youngster craves for in this day and age- a laid back collection, where lounge wear meets sophistication. If I am to let loose of my controlled excitement and say it out loud, ‘Skult’ is our first and very own DESI ZARA since that’s the bench mark for us youngsters. Having said that, both the brands silhouettes are poles apart, so there is no comparison, but ‘Skult’ scores an extra point because it caters to our body type.

For those who might be interested to scroll through Shahid’s collection or even buy, I thought it would make sense if I give you a heads up on what could be a wise investment (doesn’t mean my view should dictate your choice). I’ve segmented the collection into “Buy” and “Maybe or maybe not” (leaving you to decide on some choices based on your requirements).

The collection starts from a price range of 600 INR to max 3000 INR, so it’s is quite reasonable if you compare with the MRP of any brand or even street stuff these days. More over, the finishing of the garments is meticulously done so all in all – It’s worth it. The variation in the garments is a mix bag of grunge and minimalism so there are lots of earthy tones and loud rebellious prints too.

Anyway here is the stuff that made into my “BUY” list:

  • BOMBER JACKETS: I know I’ve raved way too much about bomber jackets LOL, but I recommend you to get one of the jackets from SKULT if you are looking to buy, the finishing is neat and the color blend is perfect- The varieties range from military print to basic simple classic ones. I loved both! PS: All under 3000 INR

  • SHIRTS: The shirt collection from SKULT is my favorite- Completely made of earthy tones in solid- Grey, Olive green, military brown etc. All perfect for winter layering. The fit looks perfect and snuggly.

Well that’s just about it on my “buy” list; now let’s get into “MAYBE OR MAYBENOT”:

  • TSHIRTS AND TANKS: The tees and tanks from SKULT have very good prints, long line tees etc but don’t all tees and tanks these days have good prints and long line-Primary reason why I left this one out because there are lots of substitutes all over the market. Buy if you like it though ☺

  • JOGGERS: Joggers is reaching an old time craze, be it the replicas or originals. You’ll see on everyone and every stores but for me joggers is best if purchased from sports brand like Nike or Adidas since the durability of the garment is much better- I know it doesn’t come close to budget most times, so the choice is yours. If you are looking from design and details aspect? Skult is the right place.

  • DROP CROTCH PANTS: This pants is not my cup of tea, it’s uncomfortable and restricts movement so it’s a big “no” for me. But if you are used to wearing one, Skult might have good choices for you.

  • JEANS: Like any brand, jeans is included in this collection too, but to me nothing beats a good old Levis, however like I said earlier,if it catches your eye, go for it. The price is below 1500 INR and you will get a good use out of it while attending classes if not more.

So that’s it guys, go take a look at the collection by Shahid Kapoor at www.abof.com , you might just find the winter companion that you’ve been looking for, all this time ;).