Shri Ajit Doval National Security Advisor, Govt. of India through Facebook/YouTube Live was talked about  Art of Decision and Inspired students of more 500 universities and colleges. The event was launched by AICTE with the support of MHRD under the India First: Leadership Talk Series.

Shri Ajit Doval while speaking to the youth of the country shared his adept views on decision making. He told the difference between an easy decision and tough decisions are how the consequences are. If the Consequences affect a large number of people for a considerable amount of time then it is a tough Decision.

He says that communication system is the backbone of National Security because it’s the easiest to infiltrate and penetrate, he adds young minds make a substantial contribution to the national security by giving out of the box ideas.

On life advice he says you are responsible for whatever happens to you, you are responsible for handling all situations of your life. He praises the youth for being well informed today but he advises them on their attitude He says how one identifies them self plays a crucial role in their overall life.

He has a simple philosophy he preaches small identity results in a small personality life if you only think about yourself as an individual you are selfish and care about only yourself, But if you identify yourself with a bigger platform say your country then you become a bigger personality if you go further and identify yourself with humanity you become even bigger.