How to identify you are an introvert?

Best Job Profiles For Introverts


An introvert is

  1. Someone who believes in hard work and put their everything from heart to mind in what they do.
  2. Someone who spends time with themselves than with other people.
  3. Someone who prefers working alone rather than working in a team.
  4. Someone who gets energy from within themselves

So if you have all the four traits. Congratulations you are tagged as Introvert!!

Best Job Profiles For Introverts

And I have some amazing job profiles for you where you can earn good money without having to talk to people. Also, your employer will get what he wants and you will have an awesome job and your space too.

Jobs for Introverts from LFTS, LPU

Hey!! If you belong to Lovely Faculty of Technology and Sciences. You are at a right place because with the strength of 25000 students in LFTS you hardly know anyone and as an introvert, you don’t have to worry about knowing everyone.

But do know about these jobs which will help you to have a happy career…!!

Best Job Profiles For Introverts

This profile you all must be familiar with and I know most of you spend time on your laptop screens writing a code and trying best to become the next Rahul Tyagi for LPU. But believe me, in a long run it may prove an ideal job for all those who are pursuing B.Tech(CSE), BCA and MCA. You can work under the renowned banners namely Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other industries related to Computer System Designs. Thus, hours of coding in solitude can fetch you around $90,000 a year.

Web Developer($66,130 p.a), Database Administrator($84,950 p.a.),Technical Writer($69,800) are some other jobs you can consider.

  • Electronic Engineering Technician:

Best Job Profiles For Introverts

If you are the one who is pursuing B.Tech(ECE, EEE) and also in the coat of Introvert. This job profile is something that you must try your hands on. You just need to spend your solitary time with installation, maintenance and repair of Electrical Systems. Your major interaction with this ‘Electro Community’ can help you earn a salary of average $70,000 a year.

Electrical Engineer ($69,900 p.a), Electrician ($60,000), Technical Writer($69,800 p.a) are some other job profiles you can consider.

  • Aerospace Engineer:

Best Job Profiles For Introverts

So if you hail from B.Tech(Mechanical, Aerospace, Robotics) you have plenty of options opportunities waiting for you. An Aerospace Engineer is the one who is paid the most. An aerospace engineer earns $106,950 for a year. Don’t worry if you do not get this job. You can also work as an Industrial Engineer($84,310 p.a), Aircraft Mechanic($60,190 p.a) and Mechanical Drafter($54,480).

Motorboat Mechanic($38,820 p.a), HVAC Mechanic($50,000), Technical Writer($69,800) are some other job profiles you can consider.

  • Civil Engineer:

Best Job Profiles For Introverts

Civil Engineer is a one who designs this world systematically. “Silence is the most Powerful Scream” this quote goes well with all the Introvert Civil Engineers as they build the dream homes, develop cities or better say, they shape our dreams. So being a Civil Engineer you can earn name, fame, money and your desired space all at once. Average Salary of a Civil Engineer is $83,540.

Interior Designer($49,810 p.a), Technical Writer($69,800), Draftsman($50,000) are some other job profiles you can consider.

So it was all about LFTS.

If you belong to LFBA, LFBS an article entitled Best Job Profiles For Introverts – 2 will be released soon. DO READ THAT Because a Bonus Column “JOB for LAZY INTROVERT” will be there.

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