It’s exam time now and yes, like always, most of us don’t like studying unless it is a night before our exam. Let’s face it, no matter how much you try, your mind is always diverted and you keep postponing it until the last minute. And when you sit down to study a night before (which most of us do), we are gripped with anxiety and have no idea where to start and how to start. We are pretty much drained by the time we figure and study something, just like this.


But to get to that point you have to go through different stages like

Stage 1 – Quotes like these help ease your conscience to study later


But then you forget quotes like these


Stage 2 Also you feel that anything is more interesting than studying such as


Stage 3 – But then you realize that not studying will get you nowhere


So when you study and get it done at dawn your condition is similar to this


To make this process easier and for you to cope up with the stress here are a few EASY Tips to follow.

TIP 1 (When you have no idea about anything)


Know The Basics (Structure of the paper so you can MANAGE TIME)

Managing time is very essential. So, you need to first know what the structure of your paper is. So that you know how much content you have to put down for what question. So when you go to exam you can write it without worrying about time, as you already know how much to write for which question according to the format.

TIP 2 (Have basic Notes)


We all know most of us hate taking notes. And I am not asking you to have detailed notes about everything that is taught. All you need is the basic notes of the concepts and terminologies so you can answer any kind of subjective answer and also answer well in viva.

TIP 3 (Taking a Break)


This is that one thing which is very crucial yet many of us do not do it. After every 45 min, a break should be taken. Also when you are putting your mind and body under so much pressure, they deserve a reward. Even a small dairy milk chocolate boosts your confidence levels that you are doing well. Remember to stay hydrated at all times. Don’t forget to stretch your body or muscles will cramp due to sitting in the same position for long hours.

TIP 4 (Ask Doubts)


Well this may sound cliché and obvious but this is something we all struggle with. No matter how many times we are told to ask doubts without thinking what others think about us we still struggle with self-consciousness. Thinking what would the others think if I asked this doubt? But as the quote above says you will forever remain a fool if you don’t ask. Also as Mahatma Gandhi had once said, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get it”

Hopefully, these tips help you so can come out of exam feeling “You have done it”


Let us know if this has helped you in the comment section below.