After the dancers held a one-kilometer long procession on the inaugural day of the mega-fest One India, One World, the evening of the second day got lit up when they again showcased their talent in front of the audience in the dance show ‘Jhoomo Re’. It was followed by the music show ‘Sur Dhara’. The dancers danced so passionately and enthusiastically that they made the public imitate their steps beat by beat. The performance was a delight for folk lovers. The Punjabi dancers won the hearts of the people by their vivacious and lively dance steps. There were dancers from all over the states of India and from many countries too. The famous dances  Kalbelia, Bihu, Lavani, Chau, Nati, ghoomer, Domni, Sammi and many more on a single platform reminded the onlookers about the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi. These two grand fests of the Lovely Professional University are to prove that diversity is not just about the innumerable ways people differ, it is primarily about acknowledging the differences and to accommodate these differences willingly for valuable learning.