Dapper Shoes India – Review


As much as we guys find it emasculating to admit – there is no doubt, shoes are the cornerstone of every guy’s personal style. Of course there is some variation when it comes to the sensibility of their use, for instance some don’t find them worth spending above a certain amount while some, including myself, are willing to go a litlle beyond strictly sensible, just to own a good pair. But the bottom line is no guy can deny a desire to own a good pair of shoes.

Now if we look at the Indian shoe finding experience, especially smart shoes for formal events or any situation that requires one to be presentable – we find ourselves in a dilemma because of one (or more) of the following reasons

  • Who will spend so much on a pair for a onetime event?

  • The low price as per quality aspect doesn’t necessarily quench your thirst.

  • All the brands are selling the same designs copied from high end brands (Trickledown theory) and if you are fashion savvy, wearing something common is not something you’ll settle for.

  • Even if you have a good budget, let’s say you hit stores like Aldo, Louis Philippe or Woodland – chances are you will end up with a basic brogue/oxford/monk strap which you will unwillingly settle for, because you very well know that’s the best you can get.

This review, unlike the ones I have done earlier, might come across as slightly superficial from the price tag point of view but that isn’t my intention – whether you are into this kind of range or not, I am sure we will all walk away with some shoe gyan for future use.

Most importantly, if you are someone who resorts to brands like Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Woodland, and Aldo etc. for smart shoes, then I am sure this review will be an eye opener.

You may ask what is “Dapper shoes” all about? They are an online (Indian) shopping portal that caters to men’s footwear, using designs created by Italian designers. Their leather is imported from Spain, France and Italy. That’s “Dapper shoes” in a nutshell for you.

Why should you consider buying from “Dapper shoes” for your next purchase? Here are my reasons :

  • Smart shoes are meant to look sturdy or rigid per say but not make you feel like you are carrying concrete on your feet. And I am sure we’ve all experienced such instances with our smart shoes – like blisters due to a heavy sole and thin upper layer. Well Dapper shoes are light weight yet not a compromise on style, so from the comfort perspective, you are covered.

  • Their finishing is neat! I know I’ve stressed on finishing in every fashion piece I’ve written. In my defense, finishing is crucial when it comes to any apparel because even a single stitching/detail can go a long way when it comes to durability or even the way it blends with your outfits. Dapper shoes doesn’t try too hard, they keep it really simple and let the authenticity of every pair they develop stay intact. In lay man’s terms, their stitching is light and blends in cohesively with the tone of the shoe.

PS: Stitched from inside the sole

  • Classic pieces, so it’s a onetime investment for long term use.

  • They allow customization! Didn’t find your size? No worries, you can place a fresh order designed to fit your size. Want to add your own touch? Dapper shoes will get it done for you.

Enough talking! Here are some of my choices with a little side tip in case you plan to invest in a pair of “Dapper shoes”

This pair instantly grabbed my attention because of how they have blended so many styles and yet managed to give the pair a touch of classy #oxford #brogue #leather #suede.

How to pair?

  • Pair it with Jeans and a basic white t-shirt or a shirt for a smart casual look.

  • Pair it with a grey plaid suit for a formal look, or even a white shirt and navy pants.

The shoelace design is the highlight for this shoe. The tone of the shoe is classic so one thing is for sure, it will never be redundant. This pair is versatile and can be used for formal as well as casual use.

There are two types of monk straps – one with a single buckle and the other with double buckles as shown in the picture. I prefer double buckles because their utility is fluid – formal or casual as opposed to a single buckle (doesn’t mean single buckle can’t be used for both occasion). Double buckle is aesthetically pleasing because it doesn’t create a distraction like a huge single buckle does. More over double buckle suits every body type while the other doesn’t necessarily suit everyone.

Dad, uncle, brother or you, penny loafers work for all. I know penny loafers or loafers in general are worn by every INSAAN in India these days, thanks to fashion trend cycles for their hype (but loafers are classic so they never really become obsolete). So if you plan on getting one? I say go for it.

That’s Dapper Shoes bringing us European luxury, handcrafted in India which for sure will outlive the ever changing fashion evolution.

Picture courtesy: Dappershoes.in