The world is changing. There was a time when our parents and perhaps their parents used to gather around at a ground to watch a black and white movie on a canvas of white cloth. There was a time when all the residents of a colony used to gather around a common radio to listen to the live scores whenever India played. There was a time when top-notch businessmen used to carry around phones the size of their heads. There was a time when all these obsolete pieces of technology were once considered to be state-of-the-art masterpieces that awed all those who laid their eyes on them. But that is the past talking. Let’s head over to the present and to the now.

In a world where technology is ever improving and ever expanding, the main driving force that pushes people to surpass their limits is the key factor of innovation. Being innovative allows you to think out-of-the-box, and presents you with a different perspective, a perspective that allows you to stand ahead of others. Higher education plays a pivotal role in preparing you to face the outside world and the secrets it holds for you.

The teaching pattern in universities and colleges has changed from the pattern that was followed at the time of our parents. Gone are the days when all that college taught us was how to by heart and mug up topics. Universities have realized that their students need to be innovative in order to survive in this competitive world. They are now teaching their students how to build upon their creative thinking skills and how to approach a situation from a whole another direction. They are promoting Entrepreneurship and are focusing on establishing a strong base upon which their students can stand on and from where they can soar on towards greatness.

And all this innovation is leading towards one inevitable consequence, Disruptive Technology. Disruptive technology isn’t all bad as it sounds. On the contrary, it’s pretty good. Disruptive technology is the term that is used when a new technology that displaces an already existing one. The pen drive replacing the floppy disks and even the cd drives. The iPod and mp4s replacing the radio. The smartphones replacing, well a whole lot of things. There are just a few of the examples of disruptive technology. As bad as the name sounds, a whole lot of the things around us won’t be there if not for disruptive technology.

Change is inevitable. And disruptive technology is just an agent of change. In order to surpass our limits and reach greater heights, in order to create a better future, in order to create a safer world, we need to embrace disruptive technology. And all this is possible just due to innovation in existing technologies. And to be innovative one must have a solid base. A base that can only be built by completing our higher education. No matter how much we try to deny it, higher education, colleges and universities play an integral role in the development of our society and in the improvement of our lives. At the end of the day, it’s up to us, whether to be a leader or a follower.