Do You Have an Active Sixth Sense?


If you have ever experienced a weird feeling that something bad was about to happen and after handful of moments something terrible did happen, then let me congratulate you.

You may be wondering why.

Well, you are special. You have more than common psychic sensitivity or simply put, your “Sixth Sense” is very active and has been warning you about impending danger.

Is it scary?? It doesn’t really have to be.

The fact is, premonitions are fairly common and if you acknowledge and explore this part of you there are chances that you will learn more about yourself.

So let’s explore this realm to find out how to identify the signs of a strong sixth sense and how to develop it so that you can use it to your advantage.

1. Allergic To Bad Vibes : If you have a strong sixth sense then for sure you are an empathetic person too. You feel the pain and emotions of people around you very strongly. This sensitivity may make you feel the need to distance yourself from negative thoughts and be alone for a while.

2. A Sensation Of Tingling : If you have a strong sixth sense, your chakras are likely to open up to pick up the energy signals leading to a weird sensation on your forehead between the eyebrows, or at the ‘third eye’ region.

3. Hear Voices In Your Head : If you hear voices in your head, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are mentally unsound. Our intuition often comes like a voice inside the head in the form of advice or a warning.

4. Strong Premonitions : With an active sixth sense, you will get a strong feeling that something is about to happen around you. Maybe you will know if someone is going to have an accident before it happens, or that a friend is about to get a job.

5. Vivid Dreams : Dreams are the strongest sign of an active sixth sense. The reason for the same is that when you are sleeping your level of consciousness become more accessible and open, because the logical mind does not get in the way of your intuition. Thus, if you are having frequent dreams about situations in your life, you can perceive them as intuitive insights.

So, you are not crazy, a freak, or delusional. In fact you are gifted and special. Identify and embrace your gift. Use it well.