When you’re done with primary school, your next move is high school. During high school, you dream about getting good grades and going to university. Now here is the thing.

Since most readers are university students, you’ve accomplished all those stuff and now you’re in college. Have you had a chance to think about what the next move is?

If no, I think it’s high time you do. As I said in my last article, it’s better to be clear about where you are going. You should check the article out!

If you’ve thought about it, we are probably on the same page here. Usually, you have three options. It’s either you get a job, venture into business or go for further study. You might as well create your own option but these are the common three.

So if you’ve decided on what you want to do, congratulations. However, that’s just the very first step. There many steps ahead but I want to concentrate on a simple but very important step. If you master this step, you can be assured that the others will be less complicated.

The skills.

All these fields of work require a certain set of skills. This is what classes are all about, aren’t they? Giving you the skills required. So if you’re a student I guess you’re already on the right track. But not all skills can be taught in class.

Things like social skills, anger and stress management. You have to work on them on your own. Well, you might as well as assign friends to help you. My point is;

Start developing the skills.  

If you’re unsure of what you really need, find someone in the same field to mentor you. Write down everything you need to work on and start cancelling out, one by one.

Better develop those skills now before you get to the actual battlefield.