Go to class, sit down and make sure your attendance is marked.

Then zone out!

I’m sure this happens to everyone. Maybe not every day or every class but it does happen. For some, in most of the classes. I should admit here, I’m part of the “some”. It’s very likely that I’ll lose concentration in class. However, it leaves me with a lot of work. I’ve to cover up for all the stuff I wasn’t paying attention to, alas!

Zone Out in Class

So I’ve been trying to find out why I lose focus and how I can improve and I found some ideas I want to share. You might have similar issues, so just pay attention. Please don’t zone out on my article.

First up, I would say hunger. Especially in my morning classes. What usually happens is, I wake up late, have to get ready as quick as possible and don’t have time for breakfast. There I sit in class eagerly waiting for lunch and I end up in my own world. I think we all know the solution to this, eat! Not a lot but the right amount. If you don’t have time, just grab a banana or something.

Secondly, inadequate sleep is a contributor. We have games to play, movies to watch, stories and jokes to tell and yeah! Assignments to write (Don’t forget why we come here). All these lead to sleeping late, hence, poor sleep if you have to wake up early for classes. The best way to deal with this is to have a plan. Just know when to do what and when you should go to bed to wake up renewed.

Thirdly and honestly, some classes are just boring. When you can’t relate the lesson to anything you know or you just don’t like something about the class, you’re likely to lose interest. In this case, I guess, practice is what can be done. Just try hard to concentrate, it won’t be easy but make up your mind and try. Eventually, you will find focusing easy. Something’s just need practice.

Before you zone out, let me conclude here. There are a lot of reasons why anyone would lose focus. I have only mentioned three. So go ahead and discover yourself, find out why you lose attention and create its anti: zone out.