“The law should consider the crime not the offender’s age while deciding punishment. The youth should come forward to bring change to the society.” – Nirbhaya’s mother

LPU believees in grooming its students to be change agents, and in keeping with that belief it organized the two-day ‘Young Vertos’ Conclave-2016’ on 17-18th March, 2016.  Eminent directors, engineers, researchers, and CEOs were invited to address the conclave. LPU Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal warmly welcomed the elite guests and urged the students to imbibe the great wisdom that these masters in their respective fields would share. 

Opening the conclave, young IPS officer, Director Drug Control Administration of Telengana, Dr. Akun Sabharwal encouraged the students to expand their horizons, “Dream big, for yourself, your society, country and the world. Never let the poison of drugs drag you down.” He cited many cases of celebrities whom drugs had ruined to emphasize his point. He also urged the students to take up civil service to weed out the ills in society. “Never speak anything ill against your motherland, always keep the National Flag flying high, and work strenuously to hold the country together.”  he advised the students. The great scientist and economist from Andhra Pradesh, Prof. Dr. Aldas Janaiah was also at the conclave to speak to the students. “The important thing for you to learn is to be committed and sincere in all of your endeavours. Always keep yourself updated in your respective areas, goal oriented, flexible, adjusting, innovative, and confident with positive thinking.” he advised the Vertos. Appreciating the LPU environment, he said,“We need more universities like LPU to see India become the next Super Power.” 

Group Director Semi-Conductor Laboratory (ISRO) Chandigarh, Prof. Ajay Saini shared his knowledge about technologies empowering humanity. He asked students to be great ‘Change-Makers’ for the nation. Evaluating the world from 5000 years ago to what he expected 5o years from hence, he shared positive and negative aspects of the progress going on continuously. He said, “Mind boggling things are going to happen across the world in the next decades and so many challenges are to be faced by the next generation. As you have to lead that, apply wisdom taken from us, keep the balance and let things not degrade through technology.” Civilian Gallantry Award “Sarvottam Jeevan Padak” and Limca Book of Records winner Engineer-in-Chief (Retd.) Sh. Jaswanth Singh Gill advised students to be always helpful and brave in life. 

Nirbhaya Jyoti’s mother Mrs. Asha Devi and father Mr. Badrinath interacted with the students on the second day of the conclave. They stressed the need to be law abiding but aware citizens and urged the young vertos to initiate much needed changes in our legal sysytem. “The law should consider the crime not the offender’s age while deciding punishment. The youth should come forward to bring change to the society. We should all stand united in raising our voice against crimes. For this we will have to fight fiercely to awaken the lawmakers and government. Oppressed women should not get hushed- up, they should come out boldly to let evil-doers be punished. If they keep mum crimes will go on increasing. Moreover, we all will have to bring a drastic change in our mental set up. We should not accord different treatment to boys and girls because they are physically stronger, instead women should be empowered by being trained fully trained in self-defence.” , Mrs. Asha Devi said. Nirbhaya’s parents also shared that they are running ‘Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust’ to conduct a series of activities related to women and children. 

The Other inspiring speakers included General Secretary Mumbai Dabbawala, Subhash Talekar, seniormost Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgeon in India, Dr. H.S. Bedi, Ethical Hacker Sunny Vaghela, and CEO Lakshyam Foundation Rashi Anand. Mr. Vaghela encouraged students to know themselves truly before deciding their future career. He shared,“Effort is the key-note of success, and imagination is more powerful than knowledge. So apply your imagination to your knowledge and achieve big. Knowledge processes can be outsourced but imagination how to shape the things lies with the successful entrepreneur alone.” Dr Bedi wanted students to be the change that they want to see in the world while Subhash Talekar shared the secret behind the dabbawalas’ efficiency was a sense of ownership and commitment. “Each dabbawala is a member of the association.”, he informed the students.


Mr. Ashok Mittal congratulated the student community on organising a memorable and successful event. The students on their part left the conclave inspired and enlightened.