LPU School of Bioengineering and Biosciences organised a two-day conference, ISSWM’17 – Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Water Management in collaboration with McGill University, Canada from 17th to 18th November 2017 at the LPU Campus. The conference saw a gathering of 200+ scientists, researchers and professors from 8 countries including Canada, Lithuania, USA, Bulgaria, Germany, New Zealand. Senior Scientist at Department of Biotechnology and Union Ministry of Science and Technology, Rajesh Kapur, inaugurated the conference.

The researchers propounded their ideas and methods for the effective management of waste/polluted water. More than 150 research papers were presented by the experts. Dr. Shiv Prasher, professor at Department of Bio-Science Engineering at McGill University, most diligently put forward the idea of a green technology that simultaneously targets water and air pollution in agricultural regions with the following dialogue, “In joint LPU-McGill Impacts project, we have determined that biochar generated from Agricultural waste materials can effectively absorb and retain heavy metals and pollutants present in wastewater”.


Professor and experts from different countries gave examples of how sustainable water management was achieved in their respective countries. It was discussed how textile dyes harmed the fragile balance of the ecosystem in rivers, ponds and lakes. A study was conducted which showed how pollutants released from textile industries in Ludhiana impacted the water systems that surround it and cost-effective solutions were suggested to counter-balance the same.

ISSWM’17 proved to be a platform for reformers, entrepreneurs and researchers to exchange their ideas and attain a wider perspective on sustainable and cost-effective water management.