When the temperature drops and we are tempted warm our bodies by eating rich macaroni and cheese with a large bowl of creamy soup we can save ourselves big bucks and after effects of eating junk food by switching to food that will give you a toasty feeling and great taste. Healthy food that is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and immune boosting supplements can help you fight against cold and other viral diseases and make you step out from you depressing dorm room. Following are the best hot foods to have on chilly days and enjoy the winter snow.


Winters are the perfect time to breakout some creamy oatmeal. Oat meals are whole grains so you will get loaded with the necessary fibre and plant based protein that will satisfy your hunger. Whether you prefer it in milkm, topped with raisins, or in a spicy mix, oatmeal is be one of the easiest foods to make.  

Hot Chocolate

Now that’s something you won’t be thinking about twice before devouring as many cups as you can. Hot chocolate in winters is a delightful treat for both your body and mind. My favorite way to have it is to melt two dark chocolate cubes and stir it into regular milk. The sweet component contains flavonoids that have a antioxidant that reduces the risk of free radicals, cancers and cardiovascular diseases.


There’s nothing like a bowl of creamy, thick soup with a sprinkle of your favourite spices on top. Whether it’s the regular veg soup or some exotic concotion, a bit of broth brings a world of comfort.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits are good any time of year, but they make a lovely roasted snack in the winter. The crunchy bites will give you a heavy dose of antioxidants.


When all you really want is just a cup of tea when the chilly winds hit your skin, try to go for the right one. The old school tea is vintage and comforting but not enough to fight the stress your body endures during winters. Go for a ginger tea that will sooth your throat, protect you against cold and make you sigh in delight.