It’s crazy how time flies by so fast and it’s quite hard to notice, as the one-hour lectures fill the day, continues assessments lead the way and as we play. Yes, as we play. There is always room for extra activities and of course some student drama.

Straight to the chase, in this article, I’m just bragging that am halfway done with my program (fist bump). I’m pursuing my fourth semester of bachelor of science in Information technology and it’s been quite a road trip. There so many stories to tell.

So how has it been?


It has taken me a while to accept the fact that change can’t be outrun. As humans it’s in our nature that we get comfortable with our current situations, therefore think of any adjustment as harmful. Changing of courses, timetable, mates and even the smallest of things can be hard sometimes. However, growth comes with adjustments.


There have been some pretty good times in the last semesters. Ranging from good chats with people to interesting lectures. Tell you what, when you’re doing a program you like college is fascinating. Above all the hard work and everything tough, it’s important to enjoy yourself. Spend time with friends and have a good laugh, travel when you can and find interest I what you’re studying. Relax. Breathe.


Hey! Life’s just demanding in general and I think a major role in this is the fact that it’s ever-changing. You get too comfortable today and tomorrow comes with a shift that makes you uncomfortable. Nonetheless, that’s okay, all you have to do is learn to enjoy the roller coaster. As I said in the previous point, relax, breath and have fun.

If you feel like you just can’t find answers to your questions the problem is that you’re probably too stressed. This is exactly what happens when you forget all you have learnt when you’re in an exam room and remember them the moment you leave. Solutions come easy when the mind is at ease.

There just so many stories and I can’t tell them all in one article but I will keep on telling them whenever I can. I didn’t do a lot of “bragging” as I said I will but all I’m trying to say is enjoy your college years.

As for me, I will spend my other half of college years enjoying myself.


-Wangisani Kumalakwaanthu