If you’re facing exam stress and are left with no choice except to drown in the sea of books and notes, or googling ways to score good, then it is time to do some reality check. Exam blues, anxiety, short-lived crying sessions are some of the common outcomes of exam stress. No matter how hard you have worked the entire semester, how regular you were at keeping up with what was being taught in class, there’s a usually a ‘fear of not meeting expectations’ looming in your head.

Gulping down cups of coffee and energy drinks is not the solution to your problems. Managing exam stress effectively and a tinge of positive thinking can lead to better performance in exams. So, here are a few handy ways to free yourself from exam stress.

Wake up early

Starting your day early and accomplishing a couple of tasks before the clock ticks 9 am can really boost your confidence and give a head start to the rest of your day.

Get rest

Don’t force yourself to sacrifice sleep because “sleep-time” is when the brain fully processes whatever you fed it and retains it for further usage. Usually, a sound 6-hour sleep is sufficient to give you ample rest. However, it can vary from person to person.

Stick to the schedule

It is easy to feel overloaded with a semester worth of syllabus. So, plan out, assign your time to chapters and topics as per the requirement. It is worth remembering not to take the topics you already know lightly and also not to waste too much time on something that is too difficult.

Eat right

Hydrate yourself well. Say a big no to junk food and oily food. Avoid excessive intake of coffee or other caffeine-containing drinks as caffeine increases anxiety. Remember the good old saying, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

Take Breaks

Do not study for long hours at once. Take 5-10 minutes short breaks. Interact with your roommates, family or friends.

Say “All is well”

Remember that these are just semester exams and there’s more to securing a good career than getting good marks. Don’t let the preparation of your friend bother you. You two are different and have a different set of skills. Tell yourself, “I am doing the best I can” whenever you feel overwhelmed and put a stop to the negative thoughts.

Exams are an opportunity to test yourself in stress-management and time-management. Take it as a challenge. Adapt, improvise and overcome!