The recent “India-China Stand-Off” at Doklam, Sikkim stands resolved. However, this was not the only time when the two neighboring nations had a conflict. The two have often locked horns in the past. How do the Chinese students studying at LPU feel about this? Take a look.

The students, quite undeterred, say that it is a matter of international diplomacy and they do not have the required expertise to have a say on it. They are only focused on their studies. Their families too are certain and confident about their safety and security at the LPU campus. LPU has been a destination for Chinese students looking for quality education for the past few years. LPU is preferred by them because it is in proximity to their homeland, and is also much less costly than European and American Universities.

The students citing the differences between the education in their homeland and LPU said that the delivery of education here is more practical than theoretical. They appreciated the initiatives like Start-Up India and Stand-Up India, saying that such initiatives have led more young people to become entrepreneurs and start their own business.

The students also talked about the differences between the Punjabi food culture and Chinese food culture and said that they enjoyed the late night dinners and the Punjabi food like ‘pronthe and saag with makki di roti’, that their peers often shared with them. The students also said that communication was not an issue because English was a widely spoken language and the same made the lectures easy to understand. The students have enrolled themselves in different courses like Biotechnology, Computer Science, Architecture, and many others.

LPU is home to students from over 50+ countries. Some of these countries are Rwanda, Congo, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Iran, Tanzania and much more.