A day when you are tired and exhausted to the extremes, the only place that seems like a heavenly oasis between the dreadful desert is known to be as home. As being said, “You can travel the world with a million dollars but you cannot find the comfort like your home”.

So, the days went by and the semesters are at their end. Everyone is either excited to leave the university or sad to leave their friends. But what to say, this is the time to realise the actual importance and urge of living the hostel life. It is an ambiguous situation where on one hand, you are eagerly waiting for the stress and anxieties that are convened in a course of 6 months to be waved off while leaving for home and on the other hand, you are crestfallen that you have to leave all your friends and connected mischiefs behind.

How It Feels To Be Home

This is the time when your brain is fighting between two concepts- THE ZEALNESS OF HOME & THE ZEST OF HOSTEL. And trust me, it turns out to be markedly exigent to stop thinking about both of them at the same time. It is indeed true that you will get all the desirable comfort and happiness that your brain requires after a tiresome semester but the dilemma of the ventures of hostel continues.

There are a lot of annoying and galling things of both home and hostel. Talking about hostel, it entails the enervate task of cleaning cloths and managing finance. The second thing that annoys the most about the hostel life is food and continuous adjustment with the surroundings.

Hehe, now you must be thinking that home is pretty good in such aspects right? Well, everything has two sides like a coin. At home, you have to attend relatives, do some heavy liftings while cleaning the place as you turn out to be the only labour in the house. The most exasperating thing about home is that you have to face sharp and edgy questions of the relatives which are considered to be designed by a lot of research and studies for the final intention to let you down, isn’t it?

But as was said by George A. Moore, “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. The home has its unique and outstanding feature of satisfaction that no place in the world could grace you. Happy Holidays Folks!!!

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