Last year I joined LPU with a lot of dreams and aspirations. I never had thought how life at LPU would completely show me a different outlook towards my career and life. I joined as a student of Game Design and I was always interested in co-curricular activities such as singing. With this interest of mine, I decided to go for the Freshmen Talent Search competition which is a yearly competition at my university to let the freshers showcase their inner talent.

At the registration desk, the choreographers for modeling noticed me and insisted me to give a try at modeling as well. I was always fascinated by it and I had watched a lot of fashion shows but I never had thought I would get such a chance anytime in my life. I gave the auditions with full confidence and luckily I got selected in the Top 8. Now, this was a big thing for me as thousands of students had given auditions for it. Afterwards, all of us were well trained by the university for the Grand Finale which was scheduled after a week. During this time I practised with all my determination and worked hard as much as I could as the other participants had somewhat more experience than me and it was the first time for me. I thank the University for keeping me motivated during that period.

Then finally after some days it was the finale, I dropped all the nervousness and I decided to give in my best, and then it was the result declaration time. I heard my name being announced by the hosts as a winner and thus getting felicitated by none other than our Pro Chancellor Ma’am, Mrs. Rashmi Mittal is one of the most emotional and memorable moments of life. I was selected as the Mr. Freshmen of the university amongst more than 15 thousand freshers that had joined the university and it was a very big thing for me and a new turning point in my life as a model.

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Afterwards, I was called in by my university to represent it in various Events and Fashion Shows across, and with all my efforts, dedication, and support from my university I was able to win them all. Within a span of 6 months I was able to grab a bunch of awards & titles, making myself, my family, and my university proud.

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Today I feel successful and much achieved in my modeling field as well as my studies together and it was all possible because of LPU. I believe LPU is a place that gives reality to your dreams and coming to LPU is the best choice I’ve made in my life.