IIA and LPU Collaborate to Organize the Conference ‘NICHE-IPM 2016’


The Indian Institutes of Architects (IIA) in collaboration with LPU is  organizing a conference, NICHE-IPM 2016, with the aim of examining and  observing how we can shift towards welfare and equity with a habitable  environment.

A particular profession is generally confined to a constrained setting which signifies more than just the precise place where the profession dwells. The term NICHE embraces the expert’s entire approach to the line of working profession. Earth is our niche and the conference theme endeavors to deal with the both external (Planning and Architecture) and internal (Architecture, Interior, and Design) aspects affecting our planet through the exchange of ideas and interaction at various Levels.

At present, we are confronted with environmental, socio-economic issues that will define our generation, outline our future, and test our resilience as neighborhood, cities and cross national boundaries. In these arduous and demanding fiscal times when communities are ubiquitously struggling for economic survival, this opportune conference takes center stage as the part of a group of architectural and proceedings. Commencing from present year, NICHE-IPM 2016 comprises of series of events with strong global inclination devoted to pioneering technologies and expertise: from conversation to green initiatives, from urbanism to design, from habitat challenges to research.

The NICHE-IPM 2016 conference’s principal aim is to examine and observe how we can shift towards welfare and equity with a habitable environment to achieve this aim the conference will concentrate on various primary themes that all correlate closely to the focal notion of the conference.

Join us in Lovely Professional University for this conference which would show considerable characteristics of the event for different disciplines. The conference will draw a National and International Architects, planners, designers, academicians, professionals, developers, environmentalist, students, NGO’s and policy makers for a dialogue on the habitable environment.  

Lovely School of Architecture and Design

Disciplines of Architecture, Planning (Urban), Interior and Furniture Design, Product and Industrial Design at Lovely School of Architecture and Design emphasizes creative education with its variety of Programmes, fulfilling the growing industry demand and fostering a functional, aesthetics, sustainable environment.

The Indian Institutes of Architects (IIA)

The Indian Institutes of Architects(IIA) is the national body of architects in the country, having started in the year 1917, the professional body has 14 chapters at 46 centers. The Institutes has a major role to play in prompting the professional of architecture by organizing and uniting in fellowship the architects of India to promote aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession both in practice and in an education. IIA is represented on various national and international community’s connected with architecture, art and the building industry and is also actively associated with International Union of Architects (UIA), Commonwealth association of Architects (CAA), and South Asian Association for Regional Corporation (SAARCH), which provide International Recognition and Exposure to Indian Architects.