“All the water that will ever be is, right now” – National Geographic.

Several surveys conducted by various organizations and international agencies show that 1.8 billion people would be living under excessive water shortage, and by 2025, the two-third world population would be facing water stress. Due to unregulated policies and lack of infrastructure, a large volume of waste water is getting mixed with good quality natural water systems.

In the light of today’s global economic landscape, which is riddled with issues of social and environmental sustainability, LPU, in collaboration with McGill, is organizing a conclave on Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Water Management (ISSWM 2017). We welcome researchers, academicians, industrial personnel, entrepreneurs, NGOs and policy makers across the globe to share their ideas on decontaminating water from the source of pollution to the point of use.

You can find more details about the event here: http://conferences.lpu.in/isswm/