International Darwin Day


Every year on 12th February, International Darwin Day is celebrated to mark the birth of revolutionary English Biologist and scientist Charles Darwin. His proposed theory for natural selection was a turning point for the 19th century western civilisation. Today we study about his work and theories in school which emphasises the importance of his influence in the field of science and education. To mark this day, here are 5 facts about this noble personality you might not know –

  1. Darwin studied at University of Cambridge in order to become an Anglican clergyman and for most of his life he was a conventional Christian. Later his word to describe himself was – agnostic.

  2. In some of his work, Darwin wrote about the emotional connection between humans and between humans and animals. Scholars assume these texts to have come from Tibetan and Buddhist influence.

  3. Darwin made a list of the pros and cons of marriage at a very young age. He thought that despite wives being better companions than dogs, marriage would lead to less reading time in the evenings.

  4. His Origin of Species was delayed for more than 2 decades just because he was nervous regarding the public reviews.

  5. Traveling by the HMS Beagle, Darwin saw the cruelty humans had to face for survival, and it is believed that partly the reason for releasing this book was to stop slavery.