They are beautiful, funny, happy, loud, and always hungry and can be annoying sometimes.


But in this piece of writing, I focus on their brilliance. During my summer holiday, I found leisure in observing my little brother and other little beings. Amongst all the good laughs I had, I picked a few things that make kids geniuses. Can we dive in?

Wild and wide imagination. Everything is very possible according to kids. Starting from a fat man with a white beard coming down the chimney to mermaids.

This kind of thinking colors creativity. They don’t try to be right nor do they overthink the logic. Therefore they’re not stagnant to one idea, something “grownups” seem to have a problem with.

Thirst for knowledge. Oh gosh! Children ask a lot of questions and sometimes you just don’t know how to answer them without ruining their innocent souls. So what do you do? You run from such questions.

My point is, they always want to learn how something works and are pretty observative. Trust me on this one, kids know more than you think they do. And that is one of the roads to genius.

Clean and happy souls. What can be more genius than being able to operate with freedom? Yes, children cry but they also smile. A lot more than grownups do.

Stress and depression is a “genius” killer. It drains your energy and you can’t just function to your fullest potential.

So what do we do?

Simple; think like a child, stay hungry (for knowledge and food) like a child and remain happy as a child. That my friend is the formula for genius. This was what I learned from my little brother, and thought of sharing it with you. Share your thoughts.