Every day she looked in the mirror, she would say,
“Maybe today, I should skip dinner.”
Every day she hung her bag and went to school,
Those boys would say, “These clothes on you don’t look cool.”

Every day she sat in the class with a hundred thoughts in her mind,
She would hear some girls whispering from behind,
“Look at the potato, where does she find dresses of her kind?”
She had had too much of it, holding things inside was a disaster!

With tears rolling down her cheeks one day, she rushed home, faster and faster.
Her reflection in the mirror would haunt her again,
But, was it really the reflection that caused her the pain?
Who was she? A girl who just had some extra pounds.
Is it really as bad as it sounds?
Or is it just the society that has created false crowns?
Maybe she was suffering from the unusual,
Or maybe she was too scared of renewal.
Did people really need to be so cruel?

Watch it, people, you need to be careful with your thoughts and words,
Commenting on bodies does not get you rewards.
Instead, it hurts more than one can imagine,
To have a not-so-perfect body is absolutely not a sin.
We need to get kinder and understand more,
Before it gets too late and we acquire too much to pay for.
The body is home to the soul,
And thus Body Shaming ruins it as a whole.

The world has a population of 7.7 billion people, each of which are destined to look different. Our primary resource is our body. Nothing else remains with us for as long as our body does. What a person looks like has nothing to do with his qualities, character or potential. The most famous and successful people in the world have been short, black, fat, skinny or simply not good looking. Their physical appearance did not cease their efforts and hard work to become who they became.

Body shaming is the worst thing that can happen to somebody. Due to body shaming, students at schools and colleges slowly creep into the dark world of Depression, ruining a major part of their lives or maybe all of it. Nobody deserves to be neglected or mocked because of what they look like, and we all must understand this.


-Sakshi Aneja

“On the constant Mission of Wisdom Discovery. Philophile, Nyctophile and immensely Philozoic. Using my Pen to fill Life into the Plethora of my Thoughts, I am a Learner, a Music Lover and a Kid at Heart.”