Scattered around the globe from New York to Sydney, LPU Alumni have made their powerful mark on the world from owning businesses to transforming them. They carry the Verto flag high and proud as they navigate the business world exuding diligence, flair and coherence.

From Apple to Google, our former students have been unwavering in their ground-breaking efforts into making this world a better place. Whether they’re a passionate musician or a poised engineer, they’ve proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with – a true Verto amongst men. Manoeuvring from industry to industry, they’ve shown us all how capable and resilient they are. To be an alumnus of LPU is to be unafraid, take chances and persevere through all obstacles. Their stories of success and triumph motivate students and professionals beyond the LPU community.

LPU Alumni are ever-present in their steadfast commitment to bettering the world. More than 4 lakh was raised by Alumni communities around the world to support various charitable causes. This exemplifies the dedication and humanitarian spirit that LPU instils in you at an early stage of your educational journey. Moreover, they’ve gone above and beyond to support current Vertos kick-start their career by offering them countless job opportunities that would undoubtedly advance their personal and professional goals. Through a professional virtual network, they share resources, advice, suggestions and much more. The LPU alumni division has hosted 100+ alumni events in the past year alone. The energetic and soulful congregation of LPU students is a bond that lasts a lifetime.

With endearing enthusiasm and remarkable accomplishments, LPU Alumni have profoundly inspired the students as well as the faculties.  


-Eden Tadesse

Impassioned STEMinist hell-bent on changing the world. Turning ideas into action is what I do best. I’m a globe-trotting, non-conforming techie, drummer, writer, anti-trafficking activist and yoga enthusiast. Fempowering Gen Z’ers. Inspired. Driven. Destination: Further.