Lovely Professional University organized Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programme at its campus to educate students about the importance of voting & voting machines in a democratic country.  A seminar for voting awareness was organized, where SDM (Phagwara) Major Dr Sumit Mudh and Nodal Officer (Kapurthala) Mr Rohit Bansal addressed LPU students to utilize their fundamental right of voting and selecting right candidates. New students were also asked to get enrolled for being new voters. In this CSR activity of the university, LPU NSS volunteers participated actively to make the event a grand success.
On this occasion, usage of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) was also demonstrated, and students were told about the benefits of EVMs. These increase voter participation and clearly benefit a larger community. EVMs also reduce fraud by eliminating the opportunity of ballot tampering, as these have different levels of usability, security, efficiency and accuracy. Students were informed that VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) will be used in all the polling stations with the EVM. VVPAT has a transparent window which shows the printed paper slip having the name, serial number and election symbol of the chosen candidate for seven (7) seconds to the voter. VVPAT thus allows the voter to verify that their votes are cast as preferred by them.
Head, LPU Schools of Education & Physical Education, Dr PP Singh also awakened students about their voting rights and its proper and certain utilization to choose better people to be in the government.
Addressing all attendees, the invited speakers informed all about the real role of politics, politicians, voters and appreciated India for freeness of thoughts and expressions it has. They told students that politics is a noble calling. By making right decisions through it, we can make our areas great with good projects and better society. So, it is very important for voters to participate in large number to see a government of their choice and dreams. Illustrative, as per the Election Commission of India, voting with integrity and sincerity is as sacred as one’s religion. A voter should always feel that if he/she does not vote then a kind of crime is done.