The next frontiers in science and technology are limited only by our imagination.

With that thought in mind, School of Physical Sciences, LPU, is organizing an international conference entitled “Recent Advances in Fundamental and Applied Sciences”. Scheduled 25th and 26th November, 2016, the conference will be aimed at exploring cutting edge research and paradigm changing discoveries in Fundamental and #AppliedSciences.

Advances in science and technology have influenced every aspect of modern life – introducing convenience and comfort in the way people live, connect, communicate, and transact. From synthetic fibres, plastics, medicines, agro-products, paints, varnishes, to superconductors and transmitters have totally transformed the world displaying the power of science and technology. An in depth understanding of chemistry, physics and mathematics is essential to solve the emerging issues.

Mutual coordination between academia and industry is extremely important for the growth of science. Keeping this in mind, this conference offers different platforms for sharing of unpublished results – fresh from the board and bench, between representatives of the academia and the industry. Multiple forums will offer an open discussion leading to collaboration in specific fields of interest to meet not only the present day but also future needs of sustainable forms of energy, resources, and environmentally friendly products. The conference therefore aims to explore common areas of interest for innovation that may mutually benefit both to the academia and the industry. In this conference, schedule of talks by national and international speakers will highlight emerging trends in science and technology. Please join us at this picturesque location for one of the most scientifically rich conferences of the year.

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