Currently, we are facing unemployment scenario, so upskilling ourselves should be a continuous process. Lovely Professional University has always been at the pinnacle when it comes to staying one step ahead of others, this is something that runs in the blood of every student and Facilities. By sponsoring free online certification courses, LPU has a vision that aims to turn its students and faculties into a learned scholar. When you brush up yourself constantly with new techniques & knowledge it gives them a spark to shine because you have to dig deep inside with constant focus which would help in nailing the interviews as it requires a thorough understanding of concepts.

If we talk about companies like Federal Bank, Trident or JP Morgan each of these would want you to be conceptually very strong to ace their interviews. For example, in JP Morgan your concepts related to finance has to spot on.

If we talk about our respected faculties, these online certifications help them in the following ways:

  • Upskilling the faculties constantly brings them to par with world-class mentors.
  • Through these courses, faculties learn examples of markets from different countries that are expanding our horizon which contributes to our teaching.
  • Courses like corporate strategy, international business, research methodology are very much elaborate and taught by experienced faculty that help us to develop a new point of view.

When I asked the students, they brought to light the following thoughts and personal experiences with regard to the certification of online courses:

  • Today’s generation is moving towards learning digitally. Due to COVID 19, pandemic education has totally shifted and changed forever. 1.2 billion students across 186 countries were affected due to pandemic.
  • These courses help us sharpen our minds and let us think out of blue.
  • For some, it brings a practical mindset to them whereas it adds value to their resume.
  • Students feel that it’s their self-responsibility to enhance themselves boost their morale to succeed in their lives. For example, if a student has taken up the Digital Marketing course from Google then their respective friends too would take up as well. Yesterday, I was reading an article, there I came across that combining education with IT would be accelerated and eventually becoming an important part of the school education.