The president of Mahindra and Mahindra, Mr. Rajeev Dubey, reached the University Campus on 16th September and motivated the students to become influential leaders. Mr. Dubey told the students about the qualities which they should try to look forward to inculcating in themselves to move towards an illustrious future. While guiding the students, he gave several examples from his personal experiences, and also introduced his company, “Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

As he entered the University, LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal, and students welcomed him. An MBA student, Naren Walia, gifted a charcoal painting to Mr. Dubey, which he made within an hour after getting inspired by him.

Mahindra Group President Rajeev Dubey guides LPU students
Mr. Dubey addressing the students

Being an active member of the executive board of the company, he brilliantly answered the questions asked by the students and resolved their queries on Human Resource, forthcoming dominance of electric vehicles, focusing and corporate responsibilities in a true sense of words. Addressing the students, he elaborated further and said, “Every individual has immense potential. The need of the hour is to identify and nourish this potential. We need to believe in each other so that the human energy and passion get utilized to the best of their potential.” He also guided the students to respect the individuals they are surrounded by, and above all to have faith in them and be hopeful in every situation. He encouraged the students further by advising them that, ‘learnings from mistakes’ is indispensable to be successful in the future.

Mr. Rajeev Dubey is an MBA from Yale School of Management, USA. Besides, handling his work at Mahindra and Mahindra, he also heads several national and international bodies.
Mahindra Group has been one of the leading companies as per various ranking organizations like Forbes and Fortune India. The company has its origins in Ludhiana, where it started as a Steel Trading Company in 1945.