In our classes, we all have a student who is the topper of the class and another one who might not be able to score as much as his/her fellow classmates. Well, all the students study the same syllabus and contents. All of the students in the class are taught by the same group of teachers. All of them are following the same set of books. But why the difference arises?

The answer lies in proper utilization of time and making the most of the course syllabus. Some are really witty in making out the most of the course syllabus while others lag behind a little and this ultimately makes the difference. So, here come some points to be followed if you want to deal positively with your syllabus and its contents to be called a topper:

  • Short Notes

booksShort notes can be of many types. It generally consists of the important points, theories, formulae and so on, written in a compact form just enough for you to understand. Well, the benefits are of two-folds, first, while making the short notes after studying will help it to memorize better and secondly, it will save time to search the required information when you need instantly as you don’t need to surf your whole class notes copy. Just take the short-notes register, open that chapter and you will be provided of your requisite data.

  • Use Highlighter

It doesn’t matter if you use it in your copy or book. Just make the habit of using it. See, the book or your register obviously contains a lot of information. But they contain many such explanations that we require while understanding the concepts for the first time but as we progress through our syllabus, we don’t require them anymore. Use marker when there is an important piece of information. In this way, you will be reminded of the information whenever you scroll through the book or your register. It will also save you time when you forget it as you need to hover over the highlighted points only.

  • Buy Books, Atleast The Textbooks

booksWell, we all have to admit that we don’t have the tendency to buy books. Issuing the books from the library or downloading the soft copy or even borrowing it from our friends is what we generally do. But, a hard copy has a huge impact on our studies. When we buy books, we have it whenever we require it. Otherwise, we have to fear about re-issuing or returning it to the library or to our friends. And while using the soft copy, we will not be able to apply our previous point too. So, it is always recommended to buy the required books, no matter whether new or old and if not, at least the textbooks.

  • Maintain A Proper Schedule

We all need to delicately balance everything in our lives. Make a proper plan according to the class time table. Divide time for everything that you need to and want to do. In this way, you will be able to synchronize your activities throughout the day. Also, you will be able to keep track of your progress at the end of the day. While dividing time, you need to keep track of your priorities and obviously, give more time to things that are most essential to you.

Thus, you are all set to make the most out of and properly exploit the course syllabus with its contents to be called a topper.