“Add passion to your work” – Mr Munjal


Lovely Professional University welcomed Mr Mahesh Munjal-the Chairman and Managing Director of Majestic Auto Ltd (a Hero Group Company) at its campus today. One of the most successful business tycoons of India, Mr Munjal mentored LPU students on being good professionals at the ‘CEO Mentors’ program organised by LPU School of Business. More than 2500 students of MBA and other streams attended the session.


LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal welcomed the influential industrialist of the country to the campus and thanked him for sparing the students his valuable time and advicde. He asked the students to make the best of the opportunity and ask he guest whatever they wished to learn from him. Mr Munjal’s calm and approachable manner, easy delivery and practical wisdom really appealed to the students. While mentoring the students, Mr Munjal took numerous examples from common life, sports, and mobile-phone games.


He shared with them, his personal recipe of success, “We should add passion to whatever we undertake. There is probably nothing more significant in one’s life than being able to say ‘I love what I do’. After having complete knowledge about our assignment we should add our devotion and involvement to it for it to yield a successful outcome. The man who does not work for the love of work is neither likely to enjoy success nor solace in life.” Adding, Mr Munjal asked students to be open to responsibility, set an example for others, accept criticism, and never to shy away from failure.  He told students that failures are really successes as these always provide great learning.