Online learning has become very common these days and with the increasing success of various online courses, there are the myths that cover up the facts of learning online. Due to these false claims, we avoid availing online courses or avail just because of the myths like they are easy or anyone can cheat easily, etc. Being an experienced one in online learning, I would like to enlighten everyone regarding some of the most common myths that lead to avoiding online learning.

  1. These aren’t as effective as in-class learning.

Even many classroom courses aren’t worth taking, same is with the online classes. Choosing the correct online course and the institute or website providing the course are the key elements of pursuing a more effective and valuable program.

  1. Online classes aren’t accredited.

With the advancement of online learning, almost every institute and website is providing accredited courses having the same or maybe even more value than the traditional classroom courses.

  1. It is easier to cheat in online tests.

This had been an issue in the starting phase of online learning but now as the technology has improved to a greater extent, cheating is almost impossible. From browser blocking functions to keystroke tracking, many online courses have better cheat-proof functions than regular classrooms.

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  1. One has to be very good with computers for online classes.

I think everyone is familiar with turning the PC on and off and using the internet and opening a particular website. KUDOS! You are ready for online classes.

  1. Procrastination is okay in the online courses.

If you really believe that, you are really going to suffer. Delaying the classes or the assigned assignments, projects aren’t the options available to you. Online students have to be independent and self-starters thus need to manage their time. Meeting the deadline of the projects and assignments is one of the non-negotiable rules.

  1. No interactions with the instructor or fellow mates.

In every lecture, you get to interact with the instructor/ teacher either through live chat forum (if no. of students is more) during the class or via live talking over the internet (if the strength of the class is less). And there’s a group discussion on a regular basis where everyone gets to interact with their fellow mates.

So, don’t just believe anything you hear. Do some research for yourself before making any decision or coming to any conclusion.