My roommate has been pleading me to help him improve his English. He keeps on complaining about how he’s a genius in everything else, apart from English. I mean, you can’t be a genius in everything, that’s just selfish.

Is it?

Anyway, let’s make that another day’s topic. In this article, I just want to tell a story of how I worked on my English. So grab your snacks, it’s about to get wild!

I was moving to a new school and was really excited. It was definitely a better school. Plus one of my friends, he is older, was at the same school.  So I had quite imagined a great adventure.

However, the first half of preschool was not as amazing as I thought. Since my friend was in a higher class, I had to hang out with him and his classmates as well.

They were already good with English.

Every time I said something, they would laugh really hard. My English was full of mistakes. So I cursed the school for making English-speaking compulsory and kicked everyone. Then left, like a boss.

Joking, but it was really heartbreaking for younger me. However, since I was a kid and full of curiosity. I kept on talking and in no time, I joined the good English club.

End of story. Okay, maybe it wasn’t as wild as I said it will be but hey, I still made you read it. Anyway, moral of the story. The best way to improve anything is – “practice”. Well, the right practice to be exact. It is a fact that the more you do something, the better you become at doing it.

To mend your English speaking, speak English more. I told my roommate the something and he said if he will do that, his friends will think he’s being pompous. I know many feel the same way. But maybe if you tell your friends about your plan, you might do it together.  I mean, aren’t friends supposed to be supportive. If they are not, drop them!

Anyway, I hope my story has motivated you if you want to improve your English. All the best!