Machine, gadgets have become the humans of this era. People are now becoming, almost the slaves of the gadgets. The current scenario is that even children from the early age of 7-8 years start using smartphones as if it was a part of them. EVOLUTION has always proved to be a boon to the human race, as development is the key to all the problems that we are facing now. But with the boon comes curse along with it as everything has both the sides to it. As said, “We need to consider both the faces of the coin.” It would be wonderful if things happen according to our will, but it seldom happens!

Humans have always been the most emotional beings as we are sensitive towards everything that happens around us, we communicate when we feel like talking. Before the era of discovery of telephones, humans were more interactive as face to face conversation was the only way for communication. Though these days people have the benefit of talking to people who are far away through mobile phones, the bad part about this very beneficial technology is that people have stopped interacting in person. There is a “huge” difference in talking to a person on mobile phones and in having a face to face interaction. People can talk their hearts out when talking in person but while talking via phone although one can interact, it might not burst all the emotions and convey the message efficiently.

Social media might seem to be doing a good job in connecting to people who are far from you, but we are also getting far from the ones who are near. Even to people who are nearby and it’s possible to meet them; instead, we decide to communicate through social media. There was a time when kids used to go to their friend’s house to have fun but now things have changed a lot. The present scenario is that kids don’t spend time with other kids at their place but rather create their own virtual world in their smartphones. They choose to play online games instead of going to their friend’s house.

It’s understood that the phone has its own importance but currently it seems that phones are ruling human beings. People get too busy when they have a phone. They get busy in a hypothetical world that barely has an existence with comparison to the real world. It is a world that can be good to the human race but if not used judiciously, can show negative effects like focusing too much on things that are not beneficial for them. Rather than spending time on that one can use their time and do some productive things. The simplest thing one can do is communicate with one another and connect with the real world instead of this fictional world.