What is procrastination? According to what the Wikipedia says, it is the avoidance of doing a work or a task which needs to be accomplished. According to me, procrastination is a symptom. It is the symptom of the fact that a person doesn’t realize just how short and precious one’s time on this planet is, or how illogical it can be to while it away.

Procrastination shouldn’t be any problem more than “I know how important breathing is, but sometimes, I don’t really feel like doing it and keep putting it off.”

Can anyone imagine Elon Musk asking

“Can anyone help me out in my habit of procrastinating? I have to send rockets to Mars, but I feel helpless.”

Many of you would say that we can’t all be Musks, can we? So, let’s pretend that our stupidity has got an official sounding name- “Procrastination”. Let’s assume that it is a real problem for which an efficient solution must exist, which we will perhaps find some day.


I don’t believe that procrastination is that bad. There are many benefits of procrastination. Even though you are a low performer, evident to others like a loser in life, yet you can have others’ attention. The attention that you can’t have otherwise. The attention in the form of sympathy though.

Procrastination is a way of life for you. This is the way you operate. You are simply a person who can’t get things done. You spend your days worrying that you can’t get things done and by the time you find your motivation, your day has passed already. But you trick yourself into doing it tomorrow. You want to overcome it but you just cannot. So it’s better that you stop overcoming it and look at the brighter side. Procrastination offers many benefits, one being the ability to see light tomorrow despite of its darkness today. So, you may always hold onto it.

However if you are someone who would rather see light today instead of spending the day in darkness, then procrastination is not for you.

If you are someone who would prefer to look internally for motivation, rather than blaming the world, then I am afraid to say, procrastination is not for you. You should rather demolish it.

If you are someone who would like to have other’s attention, though not by falling low but by holding your head high, then sorry my friend, procrastination is detrimental for you.

If you are someone who believes that procrastination is not a healthy habit to follow, no matter how high up you reach in life, then procrastination is evil for you. You should rather score a resounding victory over it.

Whatever it is, the key is not how you end procrastinating. The key is why? Until you truly want to stop procrastinating, no amount of patented methods you read would work. You may get occasional improvements, but they won’t stick. But once you truly know what actually is at stake, pretty much anything would work. And nothing in this whole procrastinating world would be able to stop you.