I’ve been in the hostels for about eight months now. My parents advised I stay on campus to seek experience since it’s my first year. So I guess that’s done, and we will be winding up the year soon. Now I’m stuck between moving out and staying in.

I think I’m not the only one.

Anyway, most of my friends live off campus, and the few that are with me in the hostels are sure of moving out. They have their reasons, but do I have mine? I don’t want to move out because it’s fashion, I want sound reasons attached. It might seem minor but a collection of minor decisions forms major outcomes. Forgive me for overthinking it, it’s a gift.

Residing oncampus or offcampus

So let’s take a look at the good side of living off campus

  • Being a carnivore, not sure if that’s the right word to use but anyway, off-campus sounds ideal.
  • Liberty. We all know what this is about. I will be able to indulge in practices I can’t do on school grounds cause of rules.
  • Friends. As I already said, they’re a lot of them out there.

Yeah, I think that’s all I got. Let’s move to the other side. Why live on campus?

  •    It’s closer to my block. Takes me less than 3 minutes from my bed to class.
  •    Space, which helps me focus. I’ll clarify on this one later.

Looks like that’s it. There’re a lot of factors but I’m only mentioning those that matter to me. So I’m guessing you’re thinking I’ll move out because residing off campus has more advantages.

You’re absolutely (drum roll please)….wrong. I’m sorry. Here is the thing, there is no doubt that residing off campus has way more advantages than the mentioned. But it all comes down to values.

My space is something I deeply love, it gives me time to write stuff like this. And I know with tons of friends off-campus, that might be a problem. You’re probably saying, “why not chase them out?” I’m sorry but some of us are too nice to tell visitors to leave, joking. But I hope you get the point.

No need to explain the benefits of the hostels being close to class. It just makes life easier. Most of the benefits of being off campus are in the name of “fun”. But I think that’s what the weekends are for, I get to do all those stuff during weekends.

Anyway, I’m sure some won’t agree with me and some will and that’s the point. All the choices are perfect, so consider the things you value most and know yourself. Then decide, you won’t regret it that way.