In a country of over 1.34 billion citizens, Employment is a national agenda. As the need of creating jobs has become mandatory, lack of skill and work experience leads to unemployment or employment at a very basic salary package. This gradually declines the economic growth of the nation.

Washing away these factors and providing more skilled and eligible candidates, private universities as well as government colleges are taking a more creative step in the form of Internship training programs that helps student do things practically on a real level that they were studying about theoretically for quite a while.

These programs therefore, helps students of various fields to experience the industry. They get the opportunity to know and observe the market closely. Enhance their knowledge and skills simultaneously in order to attain perfection before stepping in the real game. Many students find their real area of interest through these programs, they find their actual strengths and weaknesses and gain the right amount of confidence. Just before ending their educational journey they get thoroughly prepared for the new emerging phase of life that determines who they actually are. These positive outcomes may gradually results in economical growth of the country.

LPU, with its global recognition and worldwide references provides its students with some great internship opportunities.

Departments like engineering, hotel management and medical courses have major internship programs as professionalism is one of the key elements of internship.

Learning the tasks and job functions also getting an experience of what is yet to come is indeed a great plus before securing a job of our choice. It gives one a rough idea of the company, market structure, hierarchy, importance of good will and enhances skills with a broader vision.

Internship in a different country, state or a city also enables an individual to experience a versatile culture, change in lifestyle, greater capabilities, stronger mindset and flexibility. One also observes many such changes within. With deep education, personality development indeed is quite vital in this whole journey of theoretical, practical and emotional cycle.


Abhinav Bodhare