Long ago when I was a child, and attending school till afternoon used to be a big thing, I once talked to my father about how hectic my schedule was. To my surprise, he laughed and said, “My dear, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
Since then, this thought has made a permanent place in my mind and it just never goes away. Maybe, this is why I never felt stressed about the 9 to 5 schedule we have to follow in our university. Instead, I feel that this is a significant step towards readying us for crossing the rutted roads of professional life.
Here are a few reasons why:

A Varied Curriculum

Having 8 hours of college makes space for a varied variety of subjects, and allows us to give more time to each of them. So, aren’t we flooded with knowledge?

Productive Utilization Of Time

With this, we are using all our time constructively. The time-table covers almost the entire day which is actually killing most of our daytime lethargy.

Becoming Sociable

People who open up easily are always aware about what’s happening around. Well, that really helps at college. Our happening college life has some amazing opportunities always waiting for us.

Who Doesn’t Like Hanging Out?

The in-between breaks have a big hand in strengthening our bonds with our friends, don’t they? We get more time with each other and thus have the golden chance of making our college life memorable.

The Innumerable Options

Has there been a single day without an event happening around us in the campus? With the provision of duty leaves, late entries and a lot of enjoyment, let’s not miss out on anything. College life has a lot to explore, and limiting ourselves to the classroom is not a good idea!

Repeat this every day:
“I solemnly swear that I won’t waste even a single day at college.”
So, are you ready for this joy ride called “College Life”?


-Sakshi Aneja

“On the constant Mission of Wisdom Discovery. Philophile, Nyctophile and immensely Philozoic. Using my Pen to fill Life into the Plethora of my Thoughts, I am a Learner, a Music Lover and a Kid at Heart.”