As I see the evening sun going down in the far western sky, behind those mighty hostels, the speakers cracked in unison: Good Evening LPU. The time is 7 pm.

Gazing over the empty beds in my room, an aura of self-realization hit me hard. It was just a few moments ago that I was with my Dad, relishing some best time and memories of my life. And yes after he went away by settling me here in the hostel, I realized that I have come far- far away from all of my family members, my friends and my loved ones and understood that from now onwards my life would not be the same again.

In the past few weeks, after it was decided that I would be going to the Lovely Professional University I was on cloud nine, and yes why not? I am going to college and yes for the very first time I would be living all alone, far from any kind of boundaries, any kind of rules and societal regulations. But yes, in between all those happy moods and daydreaming about that college life I actually forgot that there is something which I would be missing. I would be missing all those precious moments with my parents, all those beautiful memories of my home and all those delicious delicacies cooked by my beautiful mom.

Fast forwards now, I have completed almost one and half years here in the university, passed some sleepless nights, enjoyed midnight chai, bunked a few classes, felt lonely during festival season and yes all which can very well be stacked in my College Memories. But among all these things, I still regret making memories with my friends only and not with my parents. I talk to my parents every day, but I genuinely miss all those beautiful things about my home. That morning beautiful voice of my mom which use to thunder over my head to wake me up, those long walks with my dad, those long chats with my mom, those innocent requests to my mom, those long chats over the dining table and those pleadings to my dad. Fuming on these all things then, I realized how much beauty those things use to have in it, how much innocence it use to usher in it and how much pure they were.

In the present world of being labeled as cool is what we all look for? But we actually forget that there are many things we should be paying attention to because once gone they will never be the same again. Because people will come and go, but the beauty of love and the pureness which the bond of Parent-Child holds will always be the same howsoever the time flies. That’s why even Brad Meltzer has said;

“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.”

Though being far from home I may regret not making memories with my parents, but my decision of choosing Lovely Professional University would never be regrettable. The environment my university has provided to me has helped me to cherish these all and be a better human.