The Lockdown has bought a big pause in our normal life, and we want it to end quickly so that we can enjoy our normal life again. But wait! Is it possible for us to live our lives in the way we want?

Nobody had ever think about a pandemic disease like Covid-19 which could affect our life so badly. The new data by WHO has shown that the total corona case in the world has crossed the range of 5.6 million causing 356 thousand deaths while in India it has crossed the range of 150,000 causing almost 4,000 deaths. So, it is merely impossible for us to be casual in such a situation.

So, whenever the lockdown ends, we should firstly think of our own health and for our families than about all other stuff. To be safe and secured we have to follow some important steps even after the lockdown ends.

Social distancing

It is the biggest responsibility of us and the most effective medicine to fight with this pandemic disease. We all know Covid-19 is a viral disease that can be spread from one person to another in a very short span of time. That’s why, though after the lockdown when you will get the right to move freely, try to maintain at least 1 meter or more distance from a person. Instead of shake hands, do “namaste” when you meet someone.

Use Mask and Sanitizer

Mask is very important equipment that prevents the entry of viruses in our mouth and nasal chamber. Washing hands with sanitizer or soap can kill microbes present in our hands. Therefore, by wearing masks and washing hands with sanitizer we can prevent the entry of any microbe in our body.

Avoid junk food and packaged food

Junk food and packaged food are very dangerous for our health and it can easily make us sick. To stay healthy, try to avoid it and go for a healthy diet that is full of proteins and vitamins which boosts your immunity.

Give a halt on your traveling plans

If you are currently making any traveling plan then stop and think more than 100 times before doing such things because this year is not good for your traveling at all. It is better if you halt your plans and stay at home for your safety.

Avoid using public washrooms as much as you can

As we all are now aware of this viral pandemic disease, we must understand that it can be easily spread in public places. That’s why, we should avoid using places like the public washroom as much as we can, whether we are in school, college, office or any other public place.  Proper sanitization is required in such a place.

Therefore, to fight with this pandemic disease we must be both mentally and physically active.