Stop Stereotyping Women


People believe that a girl is like a “Flower”. As s a flower looks beautiful, pleasant and fresh, each and every girl on Eatth is admired as the same. But does a “FLOWER” bloom to be plucked by some or to be adored by some? Are girls born on this earth to be killed, raped, or humiliated by some? Why even now, in the 21st Century, widely known as “KALYUG” (in Hindi), a girl is looked upon as a “SEX OBJECT” instead of a “HUMAN BEING”.

People should try to change their mentality rather than stereotyping women. They should realise that women are no far different from them. Even they have a heart, which bleeds when someone tries to humilate her, touch her indecently, at a public place, or even in a locked room!! They aren’t mere sex objects and they most certainly aren’t flowers either, they are no one thing, they are human beings, one completely different than the other. Each needs to be loved the way she likes, and respected the way she deserves!!