Time and tide wait for none”, says an old-English phrase. Time swiftly keeps on proceeding and no person has the ability to halt it. So, what will happen if a student keeps procrastinating with his/her works without chasing the time? Remember that, when you keep a task pending for the next day, you are adding it to the list of chances which you will leave undone for forever.Student

Procrastination can utmostly harm in every sphere of life. In a student life, it can enormously damage the career. The most gruelling challenges that students encounter are to keep going with the constant flow of classroom teachings, on-time assignment submissions, report writing, preparation for continuous assessment, exams, and so on. If you procrastinate in any of these for a day, out of laziness or without a little more stretch than what you normally do, then another same task will be added for you to do on the next day. Ultimately, the trend will continue on till the exams with skimpy preparedness. This is how procrastination will trick your entire years of education.  Dhoom… Your career fails, if you let it play on you!Student

It also flattens both our physical and mental-thoughts exploration. By not moving ahead to the next level, we are obstructing ourselves, which may lead us to depression, stress, and lack of motivation. With the “because I don’t know how to do / what if” reasons for procrastinating, how much can we learn when we don’t even give an effort to explore? That way, you will lose extra learning because you wasted your time, waiting to only follow someone.Student

Another important thing a student may lose is the value of other’s perspective on you. If you keep procrastinating over several times, people will get to look your worth through that mirror only. Your image will be least regarded by your friends, teachers, or anyone who has references over you.