Horizontal Jack Club, the Soft Skills club of School of Journalism of Lovely Professional University, conducted the event “Tell A Tale” on 2nd March in Block 18. The event aimed at providing the students with an opportunity of showcasing their story-telling skills.

With the participation of about 30 students from different schools, the event was conducted in two rounds and was judged by Assistant Professors namely Gurwinder Kaur (Verbal Ability), Heena Bhutani (Foreign Languages) and Mr. Bharat Singh Rathore (Foreign Languages). The participants were divided into pairs. Each pair was given a picture and a duration of 10 minutes to cook up a story out of it. Thus, there were 2 different stories for every picture. The participants had to speak up their stories in 2 minutes and the better one out of the two was shortlisted for the second round. The stories were judged on the basis of Creativity, Communication Skills, Wit and Relevance. The second round had the same rules and led to the selection of the best 3 performers.

The first prize was bagged by Kuenzang Wangmo, the second prize by Kelden Zangmo, and the third prize by Mathews.
The participants and the audience were finally enlightened by Mr. Guneet Paul Singh, a faculty in the Centre of Professional Enhancement – 2. He discussed the importance of story-making in competitive exams and also illustrated how a good story can be made out of any picture. “Tell A Tale” was a great success and one of the many creatively conceptualized events of the Horizontal Jack Club.

The Horizontal Jack Club was founded by Sanjay Arora, a former student of School of Journalism about 2 years ago. It was further joined by other students and it has conducted events like RJ Hunt, 151 Seconds to Fame etc. The Club is guided by Mr. Kapil C. Aggarwal, Mr. Guneet Paul Singh and Mr. Ankur Aggarwal, faculty of Centre of Professional Enhancement – 2, Lovely Professional University.


-Sakshi Aneja