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Make your Mid-Term Examination A Fluent Process with CodeTantra

Mid-Term is on the way. Vertos are all set to feel this new paradigm of online test, with the Codetantra platform. To make your...

#ExamsAtLPU: The Trending Hashtag!

Recently, vertos were given “news” (don’t know any non-contradictory adjective for this!). This news was about the end term examination of the 2019-20 Spring...

How To Prepare For The End-Term Examination

Well, no one had ever thought of the situation we are facing right now. PANDEMIC. So, considering the safety of the students, the University...
Getting Through Anxiety Before Exams

Getting Through Anxiety Before Exams

Anxieties are pretty common among the student population throughout the globe. But out of the numerous types, if a student is asked...

How To Boost Performance After Mid-Terms?

Mid-terms and initial CA’s are over, and many students are happy and excited about their performance, but many freshers are feeling low as they...
Different People You See in Examination Hall

Getting Ready For Exams!

Exam season is on and everybody is worried a bit even if they don’t really admit it. Keeping yourself calm and in a good...