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A View To The World

A View To The World

Have a quick look at our surroundings, and you will realize that life is changing at a faster rate than ever. Jobs are disappearing,...
The Best Approach Is To Set Smart Goals

The Best Approach Is To Set Smart Goals

You saw a dream of being successful in your life but how to start? You set a goal but how to achieve it? From...
It’s Your Life

It’s Your Life And It’s Ending One Moment At A Time

Why are we all in a hurry? What's that you have been looking for in your life? Well, we...
Understanding her struggles

Understanding Her Struggles

The 'her' in the title refers to all the girls and women out there, including the ones reading it. Since the very...
Some precious memories

Some Precious Memories

As I see the evening sun going down in the far western sky, behind those mighty hostels, the speakers cracked in unison:...

Focused Or Distracted?

If you're distracted by the topic, you understood it to be another moral value lecture by an elder or some motivational speaker.
A Sudden Change

A Sudden Change

Since our childhood when we all used to fancy adulthood, we have taken a fancy to the independent ‘Professional Life’. Well, let...

The Monotony Of Life

Many of us have lived the same routine and have been carrying out almost the same lifestyle which has been set as per our...

Igniting Sparks!

Imagine yourself surrounded by the people who resemble a kind of imperfect perfections admiring that they have enough blood in their hands. There are...
Biggest Regrets Of Life

The Biggest Regrets Of Life

Every one of us has some dreams and aspirations in their life. Most of us invest our whole time achieving those goals. And if...