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The Name of the Wind Review

The Name of the Wind Book Review

We’ve all heard of the Harry Potter series. The billion dollar franchise literally took the world by storm, having fans whose age ranges from...
Summer Reading Makes It a Vacation for Your Soul

Summer Reading Makes It a Vacation for Your Soul

We know, it’s summer and the last thing you probably want to do is read a book. The heat is getting up and jamming...

Get Some E-reading Done

In a world where we have iPhones, iPads, iMacs and all these electronic devices, reading has really been buried alive. The only time we...
Books that can Potentially change your Life

Books That Can Potentially Change Your Life

Shout out all the bookworms out there cause here I have got you list of books which can be possibly Life changing if not,...
5 books your must read in your 20s

5 Books You Must Read in Your 20s

  Books teach. No matter what book it is, biography, self-help, fiction, or academic, we always learn something from it.Everyone has preferences in what they’d...