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How to handle the stress of online classes

How To Handle The Stress Of Online Classes?

Due to the pandemic created, we have left the real world long ago and traced the steps into the virtual world. Now this virtual...
The Dreadful Days of Exams

What You Need To Know As Your Exams End

The season of exams is already on our doors. Locking us behind the doors of our rooms with a pile of books surrounding us....
Facing peer pressure

Facing Peer Pressure, Just To Face Off?

Worried about your exams that are approaching, or you are worried about your attendance, maybe you are stressed over your friend getting...
Getting Through Anxiety Before Exams

Getting Through Anxiety Before Exams

Anxieties are pretty common among the student population throughout the globe. But out of the numerous types, if a student is asked...

How To Prevent Burnout?

It often happens that emotional stress, feelings, society pressure, workload make you feel so depressed, completely broken and helpless that you turn onto the...