Energy has been the most debated topic in the current era where the fight between countries has turned towards the brackets of nuclear energy! But does only physical energy form the total energy in the universe.

Most people still are unaware of the fact that there is an endless source of energy that needs to be tapped to its full potential. We are not talking about Solar Energy or Wind Energy either but what we are talking about here is, by far, the most infinite source of energy that is yet to be fully exploited. So, to say it is the most accessible form of energy but still, it is not fully exploited.

I am talking about humans: the ultimate source of energy that is still not a household form of energy. Well, when we talk about the humans as a form of energy, we do not talk about our conventional sources nor about the non-conventional sources but rather the source of energy which is a more ultimate and intellectually controllable form of energy! This energy lies between us and can be harvested easily with the practice of some yogic kriyas and exercises.

The human body consists of the five chakras that are considered to be the 5 balance points of the human body. It is usually said the person who is true to himself and to this universe has these 5 chakras in sync to each other whereas, for the others, they are completely out of sync and so they cannot harvest their full reserve of energy.

Now that we have looked at the spiritual and intellectual aspect of the human energy, its must be acknowledged that this fact may not be acceptable by many people but if the same facts can be proved by science under experimental verification can be far more accepted and will have a far fletched impact on the masses. In real practice, most of the people sought for the scientific validation at some point of time or the other.

As per research and popular survey coordinated by Rodger Herbst, he shows that there is indeed the existence of Human Energy which he termed as the Human Energy Field (HEF). As per the paper published by him on 5th November 2010, he developed an article on the Human Energy field along with the different terms linked with it like HEF Models, Measurements and Medicine.

Now that the proper scientific validation exists there is no point to debate and question over its existence. But to accept the fact that this energy and the field that exists in us must be utilized well and up to the highest extent. It is accepted that this energy is about the future of all other energy forms as it has the ability to manipulate other energy forms and interact with them too.

As a youth, we must be fully able to exploit the energy that we have within us to the highest form not only for us but also to make this universe a peaceful place to strive in!